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The new 'Rest of the world' sales team!

For almost 20 years now, our sales representative Klaus Raaf has successfully built up the R.O.W. sales area. This R.O.W. - territory includes all countries without a local OHRA sales office.  This includes e.g. Scandinavia, the Baltic States or Africa and South America. In these countries we work direct with key account clients or our interests are represented by selected distributors.

At the end of 2021, Klaus Raaf will take his well-deserved retirement. Until then, he will still be available to support the new sales unit.

In order to ensure continuity and at the same time create a flexible, future-oriented organisation, we have now founded an R.O.W. sales unit.

The new R.O.W. sales unit consists of the 4 long-serving sales managers Ivan Terzic (Switzerland), Christophe Fay (France), Márton Krencsey (Hungary) and Raúl Serna (Spain), who will take on a new responsibility for a certain market in addition to their regular sales areas.

We are very pleased that Ivan Terzic has taken over the management of this R.O.W. Sales Unit. He has many years of experience in the distribution of OHRA products in Switzerland.

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